Ile De Re French Atlantic Island, the Ile de Ré brand since 2001. Some models created with the typical local spirit. Chic and casual this brand is wearing by Ile de Ré lovers.

The home decor reference on the island, this shop will blow your mind.

Un dimanche à la mer – 1 route de st martin – 17670 La Couarde- Tel : 0546296708

The nice and hype product that you looking for is here. Open each days for the passionate tribe.

Le Shop – 1 rue barron de chantal- 17410 St Martin de Re – Tel:05 46 35 03 44

This shop is well named. Also the reception desk for MV Lodge residence, you will find some beautiful furniture to manage the style of your house.

SHOW ROOM- 20 ROUTE DE ST MARTIN- 17670 - LA COUARDE - TEL: 0546450005